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Partners Overview

Working together. For better results.

Our partners are vital to our customers’ success and our own. That’s why we believe in matching our core competencies with the expertise of select market leaders to deliver world-class solutions to our worldwide customers.

Ventyx has a wide variety of strategic partnerships, ranging from large technology firms to small organizations that provide service to customers in remote locations.  Our partnerships add value to the solutions we deliver, help customers improve business performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Partnership Benefits

  • Greater market exposure. Leverage the brand recognition and global leadership of both Ventyx and ABB.

  • Expanded business opportunities. Increase revenue and lower sales costs by accessing our well-established and fast-growing customer base. Ventyx facilitates the identification of partnership opportunities and collaborates with you on planning, lead generation, networking, and joint opportunities.

  • Certification program. Gain the skills and knowledge required to work successfully and support customers throughout all life-cycle phases with our certification program.

  • Integration with field sales. Inform Ventyx sales and consulting teams of your offerings through links to our field operations.

  • Sales support. Boost sales efforts with access to Ventyx resources including sales support, competitive information, positioning guides, FAQ's, product presentations, and more.

  • Global Strategic Service Partners

    Ventyx works hand-in-hand with selected system integrators that – in close collaboration with Ventyx – work alongside Ventyx’s direct consulting services to support our customers across the globe.

  • Services Partners

    Services and consulting partners supplement Ventyx’s direct consulting services to support our customers in specific regions and across the globe.

  • Channel Partners

    Channel partners, including distributors, resellers, and referral partners, sell Ventyx solutions and implement Ventyx software around the globe, helping us expand our footprint.

  • Solution Partners

    Solution partners, including OEM, ISV and interface partners, offer software applications that extend the functionality and add value to Ventyx solutions across all industries.

  • Global Strategic Technology Partners

    InStep Software is a leading provider of real-time performance management and predictive asset monitoring software.

  • Technology Partners

    Technology partners provide hardware platforms, operating systems, enterprise storage systems, networks, databases, or mobile devices optimized for Ventyx software.