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Enabling PAS 55 (VIDEO)

By adopting a PAS 55 or ISO5500x approach to EAM, asset intensive businesses maximize asset uptime and return on assets, integrate asset management with financial management processes, align the asset management strategy with the overall business strategy, and continuously improve quality and safety. Ventyx realises the importance of standardisation and was the first EAM vendor to enhance our solution to meet the requirements of PAS 55.

In Jan 2014 the ISO standard 55000, 55001 and 55002, for asset management was ratified, and though a different standard to the PAS 55 in many ways, shares many of the principles of its predecessor. Ventyx EAM solutions provide our customers the critical software elements to achieve ISO5500x compliance.

Ventyx EAM supports capability to underpin ISO5500x such as;

  • Knowing and identifying assets in their service delivery function
  • Planning and strategy rules for assets, in maintenance and operation
  • Linkage of service standards to the asset
  • Process to identify and capture asset condition
  • Monitor and measurement of asset performance
  • Alignment of right skills and resources to work and assets
  • Track criticality of assets to service delivery outcomes
  • Measure asset management activities to the corporate risk management matrix

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