Energy Markets

Efficient energy markets. Optimized energy portfolios.

Energy markets are always changing. Market structures are constantly evolving. Regulators require more visibility and controls. Volatility continues to grow. And along with change comes risk.

In this dynamic world, energy market participants and operators have come to rely on Ventyx to monitor their exposure, mitigate risks and operate markets efficiently. From market management to market intelligence to complete portfolio management, only Ventyx offers a unique solution of data, software and advisors to effectively manage and adapt to these changes.

Key Challenges

Ventyx solutions help energy market participants and operators address the following challenges:

  • Optimize use of energy resources.
  • Ensure accuracy of forecasting and planning processes.
  • Efficiently implement market changes.
  • Minimize and mitigate volatility and reliability risks.
  • Meet changing regulatory requirements.

Industry Solutions

Energy Market Participants

Easily manage wholesale energy transactions, create generation offers, and allocate and invoice market-based charges across every North American market, plus the Single Electricity Market Operator of Ireland.

Ventyx offers an integrated, bid-to-bill solution for straight-through processing accuracy, efficiency and performance. It is the only solution that offers true multi-market coverage across every operational North American power market. Based on current clients and market volume, it provides functionality for the scheduling, bidding and settlement of more generation and load than all of the other competing software solutions combined. Key benefits include:

  • Simplified physical scheduling, nominations, ISO communications and position management
  • Flexibility to evolve as the markets evolve
  • Multiple-market coverage
  • Ability to strategize, create and submit generation offers based on market rules
  • Accurately allocate and invoice market-level charges and credit
Energy Portfolio Optimization – Generation Operations

Optimize your generation portfolio by modeling detailed unit operating constraints and market conditions to provide a generation schedule for energy and ancillary services; fuel nominations; evaluation and pricing of potential short-term transactions; and analysis and simulation of deterministic or stochastic scenarios for both short-term and long-term planning.

Ventyx Energy Portfolio Management is a complete suite of applications for optimizing operations management across the entire energy portfolio. Using Ventyx Energy Portfolio Management, energy organizations can create models detailing unit operating constraints and market conditions to maximize profits while facing uncertain and always-changing market variables. Reducing costs, improving profitability and managing risk are all integral components of the energy portfolio management software. Key benefits include:

  • Improving decision support for bilateral trading
  • Improving operational decisions and better management of risks associated with unexpected events
  • Greater evaluation of true operational costs through simulation scenarios
  • Enhancing load and revenue forecasting
  • Easier modeling of wholesale supply costs, retail price offerings, and utility rates or competitor prices
Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM)

Improve operational efficiency and control across the front-, middle- and back offices across all energy commodities; and effectively measure and monitor the risks associated with your positions.

ETRM provides asset-centric electricity and gas utilities with a single system for multi-commodity trading, allowing them to measure and monitor the risks associated with commodity positions and improve operational efficiency and control across the trading organization. Plus, ETRM has the added benefit of easy integration to other Ventyx portfolio solutions to optimize operations across your enterprise. Key benefits include:

  • Accessing fully integrated front-, middle- and back-office functionality with straight-through processing
  • Improving the ability to manage trading transactions and risk exposure for complex assets
  • Increasing transparency from the trader to the chief risk officer and for FAS compliance
  • Lowering total cost of ownership from quick implementation and ongoing support
  • Real-time valuation and the industry’s only graphical, drill-down reporting capability, which manages exposure to a variety of market, volumetric and other risks.
Energy Market Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of the market landscape with access to rigorous market data and research that provides intelligence on power, fuels, generation, environmental and transmission. Leverage this data into your own planning with advanced analytics.

Because having high quality data is essential to our clients, Ventyx provides investment-grade historical data and analysis, assembled with the industry’s most rigorous data collection and proofing procedures. In addition, our expertise enables us to model data and perform thorough research to enhance or extrapolate data where available sources are incomplete or nonexistent. Most importantly, customers are easily able to access this data to make it actionable. This solution includes:

  • Mission-critical market intelligence delivered within an analytics package
  • Most reliable source of market intelligence available in the market
  • Unparalleled development and support team of 40+ content experts
  • Leading-edge analytical tools which are constantly evolving, driven by customer feedback
  • Single source for mission-critical market data
Demand Response Management

Accurately forecast and optimize demand response and distributed energy recourse to avoid outages, minimize investments in new assets (transmission, generation, etc) and effectively manage your utility Smart Grid program.

Utility Smart Grid programs supported by Ventyx Demand Response Management give organizations the ability to make more informed choices about how and when they use power by providing them with incentives for controlling energy loads on the network. Key benefits include:

  • Improving distribution monitoring, control, and reliability  
  • Enhancing renewable energy use through Smart Grid programs that incent the energy consumer to make green choices
  • Turning advanced metering initiatives into commercially actionable information
  • Leveraging the power of dynamic virtual power plant optimization to support microgrids
  • Decreasing costs through wholesale price mitigation and capacity revenue
Energy Market Intelligence & Forecasting (Economic Transmission Planning)

Evaluate potential transmission investment decisions based on their economic effect using rigorous simulation engines featuring security constrained economic dispatch and a highly detailed representation of the transmission grid.

Ventyx offers industry-leading power market simulation solutions, which incorporate extensive details in generating unit operating characteristics, transmission grid topology and constraints, unit commitment, operating conditions and market systems operations. Algorithms can be exercised for LMP forecasting, CRR / FTR valuations, and transmission congestion analysis.  Key benefits include:

  • Examine the economic viability of transmission investment opportunities taking into account transmission congestion, fuel costs, generator availability, bidding behavior, and future load growth
  • Analyze complexities and risks associated with transmission access to plant locations, power contracts, and unit production costs
  • Forecast hourly energy prices, unit generation, revenues and fuel consumption, bus-bar and zonal energy market prices, external market transactions, transmission flows and congestion prices
  • Deploy an hourly chronological dispatch algorithm that minimizes costs (or bids) while simultaneously adhering to a wide variety of operating constraints
Energy Market Price Forecasting

Make better, more consistent decisions against both financial and regulatory criteria using price and capital investment forecasting, planning and asset valuation software and services.

Ventyx electric power and fuel price forecasting solutions are used by market participants, financial institutions, and regulators as the basis for strategic investment and operational decisions. Our forecasting tools offer a comprehensive solution for fundamental market modeling, short- and long-term forecasting of energy market prices, capacity prices, fuel consumption, future capital investment and locational marginal prices. Our forecasting solutions allow customers to quickly develop custom scenarios for analysis. This includes:

  • Dedicated market research team constantly updating and improving our simulation database
  • Software solutions relying on tested algorithms to model power markets all over the world, backed by our advisory team’s detailed knowledge of regional markets and data
  • Independently produced reference cases that integrate power, fuel, and environmental markets to provide 25-year price forecasts for commodity prices and capital investment
Energy Market Intelligence & Forecasting (Asset & Project Valuation)

Valuation models covering both power and gas portfolios and using state-of-the-art methodologies rigorously model even the most complex portfolios. Stochastic valuations help investors understand the risk associated with specific market positions. Portfolio analytics solutions are widely accepted by financial institutions and rating agencies.

Ventyx portfolio valuation models offer a complete representation of contractual positions and physical assets, taking into account operating constraints such as: start costs, minimum and maximum operating levels as well as a full range of other operating constraints. Key benefits include:

  • Accurate generation and fuel forecasting using rigorous dispatch logic from one month to 30 years
  • Complex structured energy and fuel contract evaluation
  • Scenario analysis to perform “what if” analysis, with stochastic simulations to provide a wide range of potential outcomes
  • Gross margin for individual assets and full portfolio
Energy Market Intelligence & Forecasting

Make better decisions with access to leading market data such as fuels, generation, and transmission networks. Leverage price and capital investment forecasting and asset valuation to drive better decisions against both financial and regulatory criteria.

Energy markets have converged. Analysts need the ability to quickly evaluate the activities of market participants and industry dynamics across commodities without having to jump between applications. Energy professionals need more than just accurate data – they need powerful analytical tools that can help them quickly find the answers to complex and data intensive industry problems. Ventyx is a market leader in energy market planning and analytics, and is the only major market forecast provider to backtest the performance of its Advisory Service forecasts over time. Key benefits include:

  • Performing common industry analysis quickly with sophisticated analytical and planning tools
  • Analyzing the complexities and risks associates with transmission access to plant locations, power contracts, and unit production costs
  • Minimizing costs (or bids) while simultaneously adhering to a wide variety of operating constraints
  • Maximizing profits by supporting market-based investment decisions
  • Improving regulatory compliance reporting
Retail Operations & Forecasting - Counterparty Settlement & Billing

Integrated solution for managing operating agreements and contracts, complex billing and settlement calculations and regulatory reporting processes.

Used by market or transmission operators, wholesale providers, generation owners/operators, marketers, and utilities, the Ventyx counterparty settlements and billing solution supports the settlement and invoicing of generation, transmission and distribution customers or counterparties associated with energy contracts. Key benefits include:

  • Simplified bilateral Transactions and Power Purchase Agreements
  • Improved compliance with Energy Service Agreements
  • Ability to manage complex fuel supply contacts
  • More accurate member billing and market charge allocation
Retail Forecasting & Operations

Dial-in short- and long-term load forecasts using a highly sophisticated demand forecasting model that captures all of the specifics of each system and layers in demand drivers like temperature, humidity and wind conditions.

The Ventyx Retail Forecasting & Operations solution delivers the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for energy retailers. Key benefits include:

  • Decreased energy cost and risk via more accurate forecasts
  • More efficient regulatory reporting
  • Ability to re-allocate staff to analytical activities due to increased process automation and efficiency
  • Decreased exposure to real-time markets