Asset Health

Predictive insight into asset health and performance

Predict and prevent critical asset failures with proactive health and performance insights that maximize productivity, safety and return on investment. Ventyx Asset Health unlocks asset data trapped across your enterprise and deploys specialist industry performance analytics to highlight risks and potential actions that inform your total asset management strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Reliability
    Receive early warning of potential failures, which support operational decision-making and reduce risk to safety and uptime.
  • Gain Total Visibility
    Gain visibility from dashboards that combine asset data from across your enterprise for a total picture of asset health and performance.
  • Reduce Costs
    Prioritize maintenance on high-risk assets and improve asset utilization by enabling a condition-based maintenance strategy.
  • Extend Lifespan
    Increase return on investment by prioritizing asset replacement based on lifecycle management factors.
  • Retain Expert Knowledge
    Reduce the loss of intellectual capital associated with the retirement of experienced workers and the rotation of the workforce. Reduce reliance on human memory and experience. 

Ventyx Asset Health enables asset-intensive businesses to combine the wealth of real-time sensing and monitoring data now available, with maintenance and enterprise data from across your business, to proactively predict, prioritize and act on potential risks.

The Ventyx Asset Health solution leverages powerful mathematical algorithms to turn your disparate asset data into actionable insights that allow you to manage operational and maintenance costs, minimize risk and improve reliability of critical assets.

Ventyx Asset Health is available with a variety of flexible deployment options including on your site, hosted and managed, or in the Microsoft Azure cloud.