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Process Safety Management

Managing operational risk with confidence to ensure safe and reliable production

When an incident in your facility can result in loss of life, improving process safety, ensuring compliance and preventing business interruption are all imperatives. Ventyx Process Safety Management (PSM) solution provides unprecedented visibility into the operating risk and integrity of facilities. It highlights deviations in process safeguards and also prioritizes corrective actions to identify early signs of risk by alerting key stakeholders from your operator to your executive team.

Key Benefits

  • Obtain visibility into degraded safety
    Reduce safety incidents, injuries and liability. Prevent environmental damage and enable a proactive response.
  • Prevent loss of production
    Reduce the financial impact of safety incidents and “near misses” on assets and processes, as well as people. Proactively identify higher-risk areas.
  • Improve compliance and governance
    Mitigate regulatory compliance risks that result in fines or loss of license to operate. Create an auditable action trail to provide individual accountability, enforce best practices and support continuous improvement.
  • Improve knowledge capture
    Reduce the loss of intellectual capital associated with the retirement of experienced workers and the portability of the workforce. Reduce reliance on human memory and experience.
  • Make the process safety model dynamic
    Creates a “Living Safety Rulebook” where actions related to safety are documented, risks are immediately identified and performance against “as designed” parameters are visible across safety, operations and maintenance.

Ventyx PSM solution delivers comprehensive safety monitoring insight to ensure operational integrity. It enables organizations to relate functional safety specifications to operational conditions to near real-time line of sight to “as is” versus “as designed.”

Our solution provides context into disparate data that is derived from data historians, real-time automation, control systems, siloed business systems and transactional enterprise systems, such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Maintenance Management to provide a holistic view of operational risk across your layers of protection.

Ventyx PSM solution creates value by automating multiple manual work processes and continuously monitors protection layers to proactively reduce the risk of incidents. By using intelligent dashboards, the solution not only presents information, but also provides the tools and capabilities to take aggressive action and drive work processes to restore layers of protection before they fail.