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Public Infrastructure

Running smoothly. Under pressure.

With an emphasis on managing the lifecycle of widely dispersed fleets and facilities within tight budget constraints, Ventyx solutions for public infrastructure help control costs while ensuring the safety and reliability of our most fundamental civic foundations.

Public infrastructure is the scaffolding on which all else is built. Because of this, infrastructure organizations need to run as smoothly as possible to meet the public’s expectations and do so while adhering to financial limitations and regulatory environments. Maintaining strict budget controls and prioritizing maintenance is key to keep roads, bridges, ports, railways, and facilities running. Ventyx solutions for public infrastructure help you ensure that quality, efficiency, and communication are prioritized across your organization.

Key Public Infrastructure Challenges

Ventyx solutions help public infrastructure organizations address the following challenges:

  • Managing widely dispersed asset infrastructures
  • Maintaining multiple fleet asset types
  • Assessing the condition of asset infrastructure to pinpoint maintenance priorities

Public Infrastructure Solutions by Category

Rail industry thumbnail

Rail Solutions »

Ventyx solutions keep people and freight moving by enabling rail companies to carefully manage public and private long haul and light rail infrastructure and rolling stock.

Road Construction

Roads Solutions »

Ventyx solutions enable federal, state, and local agencies to manage the condition of vast spans of roads with an infrastructure of widely dispersed and linear assets.

Ports industry thumbnail

Ports Solutions »

Ventyx solutions provide ports with the ability to manage asset infrastructure with a whole-systems approach that keeps the delivery of goods moving.


Transit Solutions »

Ventyx solutions support transit organizations with tools to manage complex asset infrastructures while meeting customer demands for safety and reliability.

State and local government industry thumbnail

Government Solutions »

Ventyx solutions for state and local governments help balance public services while maintaining the condition of facilities, fleets, and linear assets.