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Mining solutions

Optimizing operations. Maximizing resources.

Mining is a technically difficult and inherently risky business facing a number of challenges from working with highly variable raw materials to having to manage complex assets in remote locations and respond to ever-changing market conditions.

From mine to market, the ability to perform to plan, transition to a buyer’s market, manage operational constraints and achieve nameplate capacity demands operational and financial discipline and visibility across the entire mining value chain.

With more than 30 years of experience and a global customer base that includes some of the world’s largest miners, Ventyx mining solutions can help optimize your operations and maximize the value of your resources.

Key Challenges

Ventyx solutions help mining organizations solve the following challenges:
  • Predict and plan for change when dealing with highly variable raw materials, often with sparse data available.
  • Manage safety while operating large, complex machinery and using explosive and hazardous reagents.
  • Ensure product consistency and quality by coordinating with geologists, engineers, metallurgists, logisticians and maintenance engineers.
  • Manage complex assets in remote locations when production and profitability relies on predictable asset availability.

Mining Solutions by Category

Precious Metalks Mining

Precious Metals Mining Solutions »

Ventyx supports precious metals operations with solutions that address the unique challenges processing valuable metals from ore.

Base Metals

Base Metals Mining Solutions »

Ventyx solutions support the complex planning and operations involved in mining base metals while meeting regulations and market requirements.

Coal mining graphic

Coal Mining Solutions »

Ventyx solutions support coal producers and the management of complex business demands of planning and maintaining sufficient production of the right quality coal to maximize revenue.

Bulk Mining

Bulk Mining Solutions »

Ventyx solutions help bulk producers and the management of complex logistics involved in the segregation and processing of iron ore, bauxite/alumina, and phosphate.

Multi BU

Multi-BU Solutions »

Ventyx solutions help mining companies manage the challenges spanning multi-commodity mining operations from mine to market.

Mining Industry - Engineering Services

Engineering Services Solutions »

Ventyx solutions enable mining engineering firms to perform labor intensive planning with limited resources and tight deadlines.