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Vertically Integrated Utilities Solutions

Managing energy complexity. Reliably and efficiently.

Vertically integrated utilities must manage a large and complex network of assets - from power generating plants to transmission lines and local distribution services.

At the same time, these organizations are under constant pressure to comply with strict regulatory controls and business requirements, requiring the regular auditing and reporting on the state of mission-critical assets.

Ventyx understands that vertically integrated utilities face immense challenges around maintaining such a vast array of large and geographically dispersed systems to ensure equipment readiness and safety. Ventyx also recognizes the increasing need to innovate and improve customer service with systems and technologies that can improve productivity and reduce costs.

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Vertically Integrated Utilities Challenges

Ventyx can help vertically integrated utilities address the following challenges:

  • Managing aging and inflexible legacy systems - Organizations must proactively maintain an extensive number of mission critical assets to maximize their productivity and reduce lifecycle costs.
  • Disparate operating systems - Utilities undergoing mergers or operating multiple legacy systems do not have full visibility of their assets to be able to quickly and efficiently mitigate various exposure issues.
  • Tightening regulatory realities - Maintaining regulatory, service reliability and safety compliance is a constant issue for vertically integrated utilities that are heavily regulated.
  • Capital investment planning - To make ongoing investments companies need convincing data-driven analysis to support investment, resource and expansion plans, as well as comprehensive capital project management once funds are secured.
  • Forecasting retail load - Accurately forecasting short-term load is a very complex problem that requires distribution companies to arrive at accurate forecasts while accounting for several highly volatile factors.
  • Planning for the future - Power markets look very different today than most companies thought 10 years ago. How will the industry evolve going forward? What types of generation will be needed to meet demand? And when?

Vertically Integrated Utilities Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Maximize the performance of your physical assets over their entire lifecycle, ensuring asset availability and reliability while reducing operational costs and risk.

Ventyx Enterprise Asset Management solutions provide a full, clear view of an organization’s asset infrastructure and the workforce maintaining it. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional production assets. With Ventyx, you can manage multiple asset types and still have one clear view of the entire asset infrastructure. Key benefits include:

  • Improving asset and resource utilization
  • Improving equipment readiness
  • Increasing safety and mitigated risk
  • Reducing asset lifecycle costs
  • Ensuring supply chain availability and visibility
Mobile Workforce Management – Field Service

Automate end-to-end workflows for field workforces – from forecasting, job scheduling and optimizing order assignments, to dispatching work to the field, order processing and measuring performance.

With Ventyx Mobile Workforce Management solutions for field service, field personnel can perform the right job at the right time with the right resources. Key benefits include:

  • Ensuring the allocation of appropriately skilled workers to each job
  • Providing electronic dispatch to mobile devices in the field and revisions to scheduled tasks based on real-time field intelligence
  • Automatically allocating time, labor and material costs to jobs performed for timely reporting and audit transparency
  • Reducing the risk of employee injuries
  • Providing direct access to up-to-date information for field staff
Mobile Work Management – Asset Service

Improve workforce safety and productivity by delivering critical information to the technicians when they need it to make better informed decisions. Improve governance and reporting by capturing data at the point-of-performance, eliminating time-consuming paperwork and double data entry.

Asset intensive organizations service and operate their assets in the field, where they live. This workforce is often distributed across vast distances, or in remote and dangerous locations, and exposed to volatile conditions. Ventyx solutions provide unique mobile business applications that take asset management and business processes to the work site to automate processes and to safely and efficiently perform inspections, maintenance and repairs.

  • Improving quality, consistency and efficiency of asset-based work
  • Reducing workforce fatigue and improving workforce safety
  • Increasing asset productivity and asset availability
  • Facilitating compliance with asset strategies established and managed in EAM systems
  • Reducing cost of asset maintenance and workforce deployment
  • Providing governance over work processes in the field
  • Improving visibility of assets and workforce
  • Standardizing or policies and processes in the field and across the organization
Parts Management

Identify the optimal holdings of every stock item by analyzing its usage patterns and criticality with our intelligent, predictive software solutions. Or use our intuitive, graphical parts catalog to help you always find the right part, right away.

Understanding parts management and inventory optimization plays an important role in an organization’s success – particularly in relation to mission-critical assets. The challenge is how to best balance inventory levels. Ventyx Parts Management is the most effective way to reduce inventory while protecting against the risk of stock-outs. Key benefits include:

  • Reducing asset down-time by increasing maintenance team efficiency
  • Reducing working capital tied up in inventory
  • Improving the effective management of stock
  • Enabling all parts and service information to be found quickly and easily
  • Providing accurate catalog descriptions and classifications
Operations Management

Enhance the efficiency, productivity and safety of plant operations by achieving a consistent, organized and integrated approach for all plant-related operational processes.

Managing routine duties in a complex operations environment demands a comprehensive strategy. Ventyx solutions for operations management enable plant operators and maintenance personnel to optimize performance around plant-specific procedures and processes. Key benefits include:

  • Providing a consistent, organized, and integrated approach to activities related to plant operation
  • Reducing the time and costs associated with operation and maintenance activities
  • Promoting and enhancing consistency and compliance with procedures, regulations and best practices
  • Optimizing the access and dissemination of critical information throughout the plant to make better informed decisions
  • Providing better integration of plant operation processes
Generation Management (GMS)

Perform real-time optimization and control of generation operations while minimizing costs, keeping adequate levels of reserves and respecting all the relevant operational and environmental constraints.

Generation companies need advanced applications to monitor and optimize their assets while respecting all the relevant operational and environmental constraints. The primary objectives in power system operation are security, quality, reliability and economy. To meet these objectives, the Ventyx Generation Management Solution (GMS) provides a rich set of advanced applications for generation operations, all field-proven under a wide variety of market rules and operating conditions. Key benefits include:

  • Immediate overview of the power generation, interchanges and reserves
  • Optimal automatic generation control across multiple areas
  • Full compliance with reliability standards from NERC and UCTE
  • Maintaining reserves and committed transactions
  • Calculation of fuel consumption, production costs and emissions
Network Management (EMS)

React to real-time conditions to optimize the operation of your power systems and utilization of the transmission network.

Electric power companies are faced with evolving industry standards and market rules as well as ever increasing demands on operational performance. With a Ventyx Energy Management System (EMS), you can determine optimum power flows and voltage profiles, provide early detection of network congestion, perform analysis reporting and address cyber security. Key benefits include:

  • Optimal utilization of transmission network assets
  • Enhanced network security and continuous monitoring of system stability, with early warning of conditions that could lead to widespread blackout
  • Advanced visualization and situational awareness for operators, leading to enhanced grid operation
  • Higher quality of supply
  • High-fidelity training simulator for advanced operator training, under steady-state and dynamic power system conditions
Distribution Management Systems (DMS)

Improve network efficiency and reliability by effectively monitoring, controlling and reacting to real-time network conditions and improve customer service by enhancing outage management capabilities.

While issues around the aging infrastructure of grids have been acknowledged for quite some time, market forces driving grid transformations are now more urgent than ever. Utilities face many challenges to improve methods of power delivery and utilization – the integration of control room systems, consumer demands, environmental pressures for renewable power generation and the security of supply. Ventyx Distribution Management Systems provide access to critical system data and functions to a large number of users. Key benefits include:

  • Increasing operational efficiencies with a common working environment for distribution SCADA, outage management and network applications
  • Eliminating the costs to build, maintain and coordinate multiple network models
  • Improving understanding of the current state of the network, enhancing operational safety and decision making
  • Reducing the impact of outages by locating and isolating faults faster
  • Reducing demand and system losses without affecting customer load
Customer Information Systems (CIS)

Deliver high-quality customer service by comprehensively managing customer data for use in billing, field service work and outage management.

Ventyx’s Customer Information Systems offer unparalleled flexibility and workflow capabilities for managing all your customer-facing processes, from simple inquiries, to marketing initiatives and complex billing. Key benefits include:

  • Ability to reduce read-to-cash cycle time and improve satisfaction
  • Ability to process information and handle calls to resolve customer issues quickly
  • Intelligent user information "At–a-Glance" pushing relevant information to the user to improve first call and first screen resolution
  • Work flow management ensuring business processes usage consistency
Demand Response Management

Accurately forecast and optimize demand response and distributed energy recourse to avoid outages, minimize investments in new assets (transmission, generation, etc) and effectively manage your utility Smart Grid program.

Utility Smart Grid programs supported by Ventyx Demand Response Management give organizations the ability to make more informed choices about how and when they use power by providing them with incentives for controlling energy loads on the network. Key benefits include:

  • Improving distribution monitoring, control, and reliability  
  • Enhancing renewable energy use through Smart Grid programs that incent the energy consumer to make green choices
  • Turning advanced metering initiatives into commercially actionable information
  • Leveraging the power of dynamic virtual power plant optimization to support microgrids
  • Decreasing costs through wholesale price mitigation and capacity revenue
Energy Market Participants

Easily manage wholesale energy transactions, create generation offers, and allocate and invoice market-based charges across every North American market, plus the Single Electricity Market Operator of Ireland.

Ventyx offers an integrated, bid-to-bill solution for straight-through processing accuracy, efficiency and performance. It is the only solution that offers true multi-market coverage across every operational North American power market. Based on current clients and market volume, it provides functionality for the scheduling, bidding and settlement of more generation and load than all of the other competing software solutions combined. Key benefits include:

  • Simplified physical scheduling, nominations, ISO communications and position management
  • Flexibility to evolve as the markets evolve
  • Multiple-market coverage
  • Ability to strategize, create and submit generation offers based on market rules
  • Accurately allocate and invoice market-level charges and credit
Retail Operations & Forecasting - Counterparty Settlement & Billing

Integrated solution for managing operating agreements and contracts, complex billing and settlement calculations and regulatory reporting processes.

Used by market or transmission operators, wholesale providers, generation owners/operators, marketers, and utilities, the Ventyx counterparty settlements and billing solution supports the settlement and invoicing of generation, transmission and distribution customers or counterparties associated with energy contracts. Key benefits include:

  • Simplified bilateral Transactions and Power Purchase Agreements
  • Improved compliance with Energy Service Agreements
  • Ability to manage complex fuel supply contacts
  • More accurate member billing and market charge allocation
Retail Forecasting & Operations

Dial-in short- and long-term load forecasts using a highly sophisticated demand forecasting model that captures all of the specifics of each system and layers in demand drivers like temperature, humidity and wind conditions.

The Ventyx Retail Forecasting & Operations solution delivers the industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for energy retailers. Key benefits include:

  • Decreased energy cost and risk via more accurate forecasts
  • More efficient regulatory reporting
  • Ability to re-allocate staff to analytical activities due to increased process automation and efficiency
  • Decreased exposure to real-time markets
Energy Portfolio Optimization – Generation Operations

Optimize your generation portfolio by modeling detailed unit operating constraints and market conditions to provide a generation schedule for energy and ancillary services; fuel nominations; evaluation and pricing of potential short-term transactions; and analysis and simulation of deterministic or stochastic scenarios for both short-term and long-term planning.

Ventyx Energy Portfolio Management is a complete suite of applications for optimizing operations management across the entire energy portfolio. Using Ventyx Energy Portfolio Management, energy organizations can create models detailing unit operating constraints and market conditions to maximize profits while facing uncertain and always-changing market variables. Reducing costs, improving profitability and managing risk are all integral components of the energy portfolio management software. Key benefits include:

  • Improving decision support for bilateral trading
  • Improving operational decisions and better management of risks associated with unexpected events
  • Greater evaluation of true operational costs through simulation scenarios
  • Enhancing load and revenue forecasting
  • Easier modeling of wholesale supply costs, retail price offerings, and utility rates or competitor prices
Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM)

Improve operational efficiency and control across the front-, middle- and back offices across all energy commodities; and effectively measure and monitor the risks associated with your positions.

ETRM provides asset-centric electricity and gas utilities with a single system for multi-commodity trading, allowing them to measure and monitor the risks associated with commodity positions and improve operational efficiency and control across the trading organization. Plus, ETRM has the added benefit of easy integration to other Ventyx portfolio solutions to optimize operations across your enterprise. Key benefits include:

  • Accessing fully integrated front-, middle- and back-office functionality with straight-through processing
  • Improving the ability to manage trading transactions and risk exposure for complex assets
  • Increasing transparency from the trader to the chief risk officer and for FAS compliance
  • Lowering total cost of ownership from quick implementation and ongoing support
  • Real-time valuation and the industry’s only graphical, drill-down reporting capability, which manages exposure to a variety of market, volumetric and other risks.
Asset-Intensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Asset intensive industries managing skilled workforces in remote and dangerous locations and capital-intensive commercial operations require specialist Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions focused on the unique challenges faced by asset intensive industries.

Asset intensive industries tend to focus more on the complex plants and equipment they use than the products they produce. Any interruption due to plant or equipment failure can result in lost production that may be unrecoverable. The enterprise asset management components of the ERP software are as important as material requirement planning components for a manufacturing organization. Asset-intensive ERP has been specifically designed to maximize asset productivity and help prevent equipment failure that can lead to lost revenue and safety and environmental risks. Key benefits include:

  • Improving management of human resources and skilled labor
  • More rigorous control of data collection for financial and managerial reporting
  • More effective corporate governance and better transparency
  • A more efficient supply chain that frees up capital tied up in inventory
  • Improving availability of assets and reduced stock-outs of critical items
Business Intelligence & Analytics

Make better decisions by capturing and aggregating the rich data held within software systems across your enterprise with pre-packaged analytical tools built on the KPIs which matter most.

To improve strategic and tactical decision making, management need greater insight and visibility of all aspects of the operation – from the effectiveness of its staff to the performance of its plants and equipment. Ventyx Business Intelligence captures and aggregates rich data held across disparate software systems. Easily tailored for individual users or user groups, Ventyx Business Intelligence compiles the industry's best business practices into pre-packaged solutions to enable companies to more effectively monitor and manage their distributed assets on a real time, near-real time, and event-driven basis. Key benefits include:

  • Prepackaged dashboards for high value KPIs such as asset health, work management, operations management, smart grid, and financials
  • More timely and accurate reporting on the KPIs which matter most – working alongside your existing corporate BI strategy
  • Improving decision making by capturing and aggregating the rich data held within software systems across the enterprise
  • Better allocation of finite funding to generate the greatest return on investment
  • Make costs and opportunities more accurate and visible throughout the organization, from line managers to executives
  • Improving productivity and asset reliability by establishing baselines and best practices
Energy Market Intelligence & Forecasting

Make better decisions with access to leading market data such as fuels, generation, and transmission networks. Leverage price and capital investment forecasting and asset valuation to drive better decisions against both financial and regulatory criteria.

Energy markets have converged. Analysts need the ability to quickly evaluate the activities of market participants and industry dynamics across commodities without having to jump between applications. Energy professionals need more than just accurate data – they need powerful analytical tools that can help them quickly find the answers to complex and data intensive industry problems. Ventyx is a market leader in energy market planning and analytics, and is the only major market forecast provider to backtest the performance of its Advisory Service forecasts over time. Key benefits include:

  • Performing common industry analysis quickly with sophisticated analytical and planning tools
  • Analyzing the complexities and risks associates with transmission access to plant locations, power contracts, and unit production costs
  • Minimizing costs (or bids) while simultaneously adhering to a wide variety of operating constraints
  • Maximizing profits by supporting market-based investment decisions
  • Improving regulatory compliance reporting