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Work & Asset Operations

Managing your assets, workforce, inventory, and risk.

From asset lifecycle planning to maintenance scheduling, Ventyx solutions provide a clear view of your information, your operations, and your people. When you’re able to see what’s happening today, you can plan for tomorrow.

Ventyx solutions for work and asset operations provide a full, clear view of an organization’s asset infrastructure and the workforce maintaining it. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional production assets. With our solutions, you can manage fleet assets (mining vehicles to carpools), linear assets (roads, rail, and transmission) and facilities (schools, office buildings). With Ventyx, you can manage multiple asset types and still have one clear view of the entire asset infrastructure.

Work & Asset Operations Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Maximize the performance of your physical assets over their entire lifecycle, ensuring asset availability and reliability while reducing operational costs and risk.

Ventyx Enterprise Asset Management solutions provide a full, clear view of an organization’s asset infrastructure and the workforce maintaining it. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional production assets. With Ventyx, you can manage multiple asset types and still have one clear view of the entire asset infrastructure. Key benefits include:

  • Improving asset and resource utilization
  • Improving equipment readiness
  • Increasing safety and mitigated risk
  • Reducing asset lifecycle costs
  • Ensuring supply chain availability and visibility
Equipment Reliability

Focus on increasing asset availability through our suite of equipment reliability solutions. Identify the critical-asset functions, failure modes, failure causes and failure consequences to determine the appropriate preventive maintenance strategy to prevent or mitigate failure.

Improving performance while managing costs effectively is dependent on equipment reliability and asset health. Proven maintenance strategies—including preventive and predictive programs, long-term asset management, and the ability to measure a program’s performance—are essential to optimizing asset reliability and operation performance. Key Benefits include:

  • Selection of the most appropriate maintenance strategies by asset type.
  • Reduced asset failure through better prioritization of key issues and work.
  • Optimized maintenance operations through the ranking of key activities.
  • Greater insight into key resourcing challenges, delivering smarter project management.
  • Improved asset reliability from a comprehensive view of asset health and plant operations effectiveness.
Mobile Work Management – Asset Service

Improve workforce safety and productivity by delivering critical information to the technicians when they need it to make better informed decisions. Improve governance and reporting by capturing data at the point-of-performance, eliminating time-consuming paperwork and double data entry.

Asset intensive organizations service and operate their assets in the field, where they live. This workforce is often distributed across vast distances, or in remote and dangerous locations, and exposed to volatile conditions. Ventyx solutions provide unique mobile business applications that take asset management and business processes to the work site to automate processes and to safely and efficiently perform inspections, maintenance and repairs.

  • Improving quality, consistency and efficiency of asset-based work
  • Reducing workforce fatigue and improving workforce safety
  • Increasing asset productivity and asset availability
  • Facilitating compliance with asset strategies established and managed in EAM systems
  • Reducing cost of asset maintenance and workforce deployment
  • Providing governance over work processes in the field
  • Improving visibility of assets and workforce
  • Standardizing or policies and processes in the field and across the organization
Mobile Workforce Management – Field Service

Automate end-to-end workflows for field workforces – from forecasting, job scheduling and optimizing order assignments, to dispatching work to the field, order processing and measuring performance.

With Ventyx Mobile Workforce Management solutions for field service, field personnel can perform the right job at the right time with the right resources. Key benefits include:

  • Ensuring the allocation of appropriately skilled workers to each job
  • Providing electronic dispatch to mobile devices in the field and revisions to scheduled tasks based on real-time field intelligence
  • Automatically allocating time, labor and material costs to jobs performed for timely reporting and audit transparency
  • Reducing the risk of employee injuries
  • Providing direct access to up-to-date information for field staff
Operations Management

Enhance the efficiency, productivity and safety of plant operations by achieving a consistent, organized and integrated approach for all plant-related operational processes.

Managing routine duties in a complex operations environment demands a comprehensive strategy. Ventyx solutions for operations management enable plant operators and maintenance personnel to optimize performance around plant-specific procedures and processes. Key benefits include:

  • Providing a consistent, organized, and integrated approach to activities related to plant operation
  • Reducing the time and costs associated with operation and maintenance activities
  • Promoting and enhancing consistency and compliance with procedures, regulations and best practices
  • Optimizing the access and dissemination of critical information throughout the plant to make better informed decisions
  • Providing better integration of plant operation processes
Parts Management

Identify the optimal holdings of every stock item by analyzing its usage patterns and criticality with our intelligent, predictive software solutions. Or use our intuitive, graphical parts catalog to help you always find the right part, right away.

Understanding parts management and inventory optimization plays an important role in an organization’s success – particularly in relation to mission-critical assets. The challenge is how to best balance inventory levels. Ventyx Parts Management is the most effective way to reduce inventory while protecting against the risk of stock-outs. Key benefits include:

  • Reducing asset down-time by increasing maintenance team efficiency
  • Reducing working capital tied up in inventory
  • Improving the effective management of stock
  • Enabling all parts and service information to be found quickly and easily
  • Providing accurate catalog descriptions and classifications