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Mobile Work Management Solutions
(Asset Service)

Asset management in the field at the point of performance.

Asset-intensive organizations with mobile workforces often operate without the right technology support in the field. Asset service for mobile work management enables through-life management and maintenance of geographically dispersed physical assets. The mobile applications help field personnel service assets where they live – in the field, in the workshop, or in the warehouse.

Mobile work management is a fully integrated, end-to-end suite of applications that enhance work performance by automating field force operations. With mobile work management, field personnel can perform the right job, at the right time, with the right resources. This workforce is often distributed across vast distances, or in remote and dangerous locations, and is exposed to volatile conditions.

The Ventyx solution is for asset-intensive industries that need to address strategic issues like improving enterprise-wide asset utilization, asset performance, asset maintenance strategies and asset field service. It includes automating work processes to safely, and efficiently perform inspections, maintenance and repairs. 

For a comprehensive solution for all types of mobile work, use mobile work management for field service and asset service to automate the entire asset service cycle short-term decision making in the control center to long-term maintenance planning in the back office.