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IT/OT Convergence

Integrating technology and operations to optimize business results

IT/OT Convergence

The world’s essential industries are standing on a precipice of tremendous change.

These asset-intensive organizations can no longer afford to keep information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) separate because of the convergence of several critical factors.

  • Increasing amount of highly actionable data from mobile field workers, equipment, and operational  processes
  • Open platforms and network connectivity that facilitate the integration and sharing critical data across an organization
  • Rapid advances in asset and work management applications built for operational optimization from the ground up

Objectives of Convergence

The objectives of a comprehensive IT/OT convergence strategy are:

A Single View of the Truth
Development and deployment of a single integrated view of enterprise information management that delivers the right information, in the right format, to the right person, at the right time, to make the best possible decision.

Dynamic, Real-time Optimization
Moving from ‘just automation’ to real-time optimization of business processes, demands real-time access to all information related to a process by the people who should be engaged in that process. Downtime because of lack of visibility into a problem is no longer acceptable.

Cost Reduction
Integration of OT and IT decisions results in less costly technology deployments across the enterprise that more effectively meet the operational goals of the business.

Benefits of IT/OT Convergence

By integrating information and operational technology, organizations that operate critical assets and manage dispersed information technologies can:

  • Improve performance and production
  • Enable better decision making enterprise-wide
  • Better align operational areas with overall business goals
  • Increase regulatory and environmental reporting and compliance
  • Reduce costs from efficiency gains and optimization of operational processes, asset maintenance, and field workforce management

Ventyx and IT/OT Convergence

Ventyx delivers solutions of essential industries that take a whole-systems approach to asset health. At the forefront of the convergence of information technologies and operational technologies, Ventyx is leading the transformation of asset-intensive industries from automation to real-time optimization – a transformation that will empower innovation for the benefit of our clients, their customers and the environment.

As an ABB company, Ventyx is uniquely positioned to help drive IT/OT convergence:

  • Single strategic supplier bringing together operational technology  (SCADA, OMS, DMS etc) and information technology (EAM, ERP)
  • Proven expertise and experience deriving customer value from the convergence between operational and IT solutions
  • Integration of control software (OT) and enterprise software (IT) are two key components of a strategic solution. 
  • Sustainment of critical assets throughout lifecycle by automating EAM practices via integration to real-time condition information

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