Serving customers. Supporting innovation.

Ventyx is dedicated to meeting the needs of our valued customers and providing solutions, services and support that help them take their business to the next level. We also foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the Ventyx customer community and from Ventyx experts around the world.

Membership to the support portals is available to licensed users. Each portal  provides:

  • Access to customer support for all Ventyx solutions
  • Opportunities to engage in customer communities and forums
  • Detailed product release information and downloads
Asset Management
Asset Suite/Passport/eSOMS 800-634-4357
Option 2
EMPAC/InSite EE/Curator 800-634-4357
Option 1
Ellipse, MCIO
Customer Suite (CIS)/Billgen/Enerlink
Customer Suite (CIS)
Option 3
EPM – Analytics
PROMOD, PowerBase, Strategist, MarketPower 800-634-4357
Option 5-5-2
SENDOUT 800-634-4357
Option 5-5-3
EPM – nMarket
nMarket, OfferManager, AllocationManager, 
Option 6-1
Enterprise Products
EPM Enterprise Products

EMEA customers:

Generation Operations
800-634-4357, Option 5-4
Retail Operations
800-634-4357, Option 5-1
TRM (Monaco), Schedule Management, Complex Contract Billing 800-634-4357, Option 5-2
ISO BID Management 800-634-4357, Option 5-4
NOSTRADAMUS 800-634-4357
Option 5-5-5
Market Manager 800-634-4357, Option 5-1
KW/ETRM 800-634-4357, Option 5-3
SystemOptimizer, Planning and Risk & Market Analytics 800-634-4357, Option 5-5-1
EPM – Solutions Support
DATLATCAMsSEMsDPTOther Custom EPM Solutions 800-634-4357
Option 6-2
ER Suite
ER Suite
Option 7
Nuclear In-Processing eXpress
KPI Generator
Observation Manager
FocalPoint 800-634-4357
Option 8
Mining Solutions
Production Accounting
Assay Management
Network Control
Network Manager continue to use current process
Service Suite/Advantex
Service Suite/Advantex 800-634-4357
Option 4
Legacy Service Suite
Advisors Online Product Subscriptions
Reference Cases 916-609-7729
Advisors Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning (MIDAS) 614-329-0108
Horizons Interactive 614-553-7816
Velocity Suite
Velocity Suite 888-968-8860