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Customer Communities

Share information. Exchange ideas. Enhance skills.

Ventyx customer communities and user groups offer an informal setting to network, examine best business practices and discuss issues that are impacting today's organizations. 

Ventyx Community Update
On September 29, 2014, Ventyx announced the decommissioning of the Ventyx User Community. We understand this forum was a powerful tool for customers to communicate with one another and collaborate with Ventyx product management. We value user participation with Ventyx and will provide other mechanisms to continue this on-line dialog. Ventyx will download the current content, but at this time cannot confirm it will be migrated to the new platform. We strongly recommend that you download any post you would like to keep before October 3, 2014. To do so:

  • Look in the Actions box to the right of the post or discussion for the option to "View as PDF".
  • Download or save the file to your computer.

Ventyx is working to provide an alternative platform to host this online community and enable online, interactive discussions between Ventyx and its customers. If you are a member of the Ventyx Community today, you will be sent an email announcing the new forum. If you currently are not a member, please send an email to and we will include you in future communications.

We thank you for your patience during this transition and will provide an update to all community users as soon as possible.

Leadership Councils
Leadership Councils are an executive level partnership between Ventyx and our customers that provides strategic direction, and assists Ventyx with long-term, strategic product planning. There are two active Leadership Councils – the Nuclear Leadership Council (NLC) and the Market Management System Leadership Council (MLC), and each brings together leadership from Ventyx and the customer base for a strategic market area.