Customer Communities

Share information. Exchange ideas. Enhance skills.

Ventyx customer communities and user groups offer an informal setting to network, examine best business practices and discuss issues that are impacting today's organizations. 

Some unique features of the Ventyx Customer Communities include:

User Group Meetings at Ventyx World 2014
Ventyx is proud to host several user group meetings for each regional Ventyx World event.  For more information on these user group meetings, please click here.  You can also stay connected throughout the year with the Ventyx Online Community.

Ventyx Online Community
The Ventyx Online Community is the place for Ventyx Customers to connect directly to each other as well as other industry experts. Explore best practices, start a conversation and read about real-world examples of our solutions in action.  Join the ongoing discussion to collaborate with industry leaders.

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Leadership Councils
Leadership Councils are an executive level partnership between Ventyx and our customers that provides strategic direction, and assists Ventyx with long-term, strategic product planning. There are two active Leadership Councils – the Nuclear Leadership Council (NLC) and the Market Management System Leadership Council (MLC), and each brings together leadership from Ventyx and the customer base for a strategic market area.